A fantastic year has almost arrived!


At Campagnola the engines are heated for the new year 2020, which already promises to be full of new challenges and highly innovative goals. And precisely “innovation” is the word that gives motivation and energy to our technicians and professionals, who have led the company to a great change, both in terms of operational processes and of new products quality and efficiency.

The new lines by Campagnola

Campagnola has recently launched its new product lines, and their market will consolidate during 2020. We are talking about the new electric shears of the Green Line and Starberry MD1, the innovative patented electric hook shaker, which has literally revolutionized the world of blueberry harvesting.

Shears of the Professional Line and of the Green Line

These are advanced technology tools that help farmers and winegrowers to accelerate and improve the activities of pruning vineyards and orchards. Designed by Campagnola to reduce working times and to guarantee the operator’s greater freedom of movement while pruning. This is an innovation challenge of the highest level, which the company has been able to face professionally and competently thanks to the great preparation and specialization of its technicians.

Starberry MD1

Starberry MD1 is a new product patented by Campagnola, unique in its genre in the berry harvesting sector, which has been introduced this year. It is an innovative electric hook shaker that has revolutionized the way of harvesting blueberries, preserving their quality and consistency. Thanks to Starberry MD1, in fact, the harvest operator will no longer have to do the job manually, but he will just bring the hook shaker close to the plant. Thus, it will be possible to harvest large quantities of blueberries in a very fast way, without any loss of berries which then significantly affects the profits of the farms.

To receive more information about our products, contact us at no. 0039/51/753500 or write an email to star@campagnola.it

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