25 September 2018

Line 44

Expanding the electric range more and more, Campagnola introduces the new LINE 44. A single, very light battery allows the operation of 5 tools, ensuring each of them a whole day’s work. There are two models of electric shears with direct handgrip: EASY S, with a cutting capacity of 30 mm, and EASY L, with a cutting capacity of 36 mm. There are also two models on the extension pole: EASY 80, with an 80 cm pole, and EASY 150, with a 150 cm pole, both with a cutting capacity of 36 mm. The LINKER tying tool completes the range.

This range is supported by the total guarantee by Campagnola for reliability, performance and quality. The four models of electric shears are suitable for any type of pruning: vineyards, orchards, citrus orchards, ornamental or evergreen plants. They have highly resistant steel blades, an ergonomic handgrip and two opening modes: complete or reduced. For small-diameter pruning the ideal shear is Easy S, for those of large diameter the most suitable tool is Easy L, for cutting medium height branches there is Easy 80 and for the high ones we recommend Easy 150.

Lightweight and easy to handle, the Linker tying tool allows a reduction in working time of over 50% compared to manual tying, extensively reducing the operator’s fatigue. Quick and reliable, Linker is suitable not only for vineyards, but also for fruit plants and vegetables that need to be fixed to supports. It weighs only 940 g (including its cable) and guarantees a performance of about 60 tying operations per minute, for a total of about 650 per reel. The reels contain 90 m of twist tie, proposed in 3 different materials: standard plastic, BIO photodegradable wire and paper TIE.

The maximum diameter that can be tied is 25 mm, and the tool is equipped with a selector with 4 different tying modes.
Linker has been designed to be easy to use and maintain. In fact, its maintenance is minimal and simple to carry out.
In its carrying case, together with the tool, there are a battery charger, an accessory kit to guarantee the tool best performance, a battery and its ergonomic backpack.
The battery weighs 1.5 kg only and has an autonomy of two days of work.
The LINKER tying tool can also be powered with the Li-Ion 170/220 battery of the COBRA / PONY electric shears using an adapter.

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