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Which are the most common vineyard pruning techniques?

Have you ever wondered what the most common vineyard pruning techniques are? The “Credo” that a farmer must absolutely respect in order to have a more profitable plant growth and fruit harvesting? Today we want to list the main ones, with the awareness that so many of you have already identified the method which best suits their needs. The best-known are the following:

– Guyot: this is a technique that does not require a permanent cordon, but it needs a forced mixed pruning. In this case the shoot of the fruit tree grows in a horizontal position;

– Double-arched cane: even in this case there is no permanent cordon, but it requires a forced mixed pruning of the fruiting shoots that grow in descending direction;

– Spurred cordon: in this case there is a permanent horizontal cordon, a short pruning is necessary and the growth of the vegetation – which develops in an ascending manner – must be followed;

– Sylvoz: it is a horizontal permanent cordon and requires obligatory mixed pruning. The fruiting shoots grow in a descending position;

– Casarsa: it is a permanent horizontal cordon, which requires a free mixed pruning. The vegetation develops partly free and partly forced.

In order to carry out these pruning techniques in a profitable and effective way, as well as those of any other plant, Campagnola offers innovative tools: the wide range of pneumatic and electric shears of the Professional Line and the latest generation electric ones of the Green Line, already launched on the market.

Electric shears of the Professional Line

The COBRA PRO and PONY PRO electric shears belong to the Professional Line. They are the ideal tool for winegrowers and fruit growers who wish to operate without any engine-driven or PTO compressors. These battery-operated shears meet any pruning needs. Like all electric shears of the Campagnola range, they stand out for their considerable autonomy, power and cutting speed.

Pneumatic shears of the Professional Line

Thanks to the clever mix of traditional production processes, which can be identified for example in the manufacturing of blades by means of forging, and technological innovation, such as the use of carbon fibers, Campagnola offers its customers pneumatic scissors (Professional Line) of excellent quality. The wide range allows to effectively carry out every type of professional pruning.

Cordless shears of the Green Line

Other innovative tools for pruning that stand out from the electric shears of the Professional Line are the new range of the Green Line. In fact, they are fitted with a very light plug-in battery and do not need any cable. The possibility of working without a battery connecting cable guarantees extreme freedom of movement for the user, which results in less tiring pruning.

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