Sometimes it is difficult even for the most experienced operators and for the professionals to choose among the many pruning shears on the market, which are different in power, structure and features. Therefore, Campagnola wants to give you some simple tips, which could be useful to guide you in the choice of the most suitable type of shear with the shape and performance which will fit your needs.
Here they are!

The six tips by Campagnola:

  • The first important element to consider when deciding to purchase a pruning shear is its “cutting capacity”, which depends on the thickness and the kind of the wood. Traditional hand tools require a greater physical effort to carry out a cut. If you want to choose a less tiring solution, the option will be either a pneumatic or an electric shear;


  • The second element is the “surface to be covered”, i.e. the quantity of plants to be pruned. If the choice is an electric shear, the greater the number of plants is, the greater the battery power must be to ensure an excellent tool performance;


  • The third element is the “ergonomics” of the shear. If the pruning activity is carried out continuously and professionally, then the use of extremely handy tools with a particularly ergonomic design is recommended, since they are more practical and comfortable.


  • Another important feature is the “plant type”. In fact, depending on the hardness and thickness of the wood, it is necessary to choose an electric or a pneumatic shear with the adequate cutting power;
  • A further relevant element is the “slope of the ground”. In fact, if the ground is very sloping, the use of a pneumatic shear, operated by a compressor, is certainly more penalizing than the use of an electric shear, operated by a battery contained in a backpack or by a “plug in” one, which is incorporated in the tool;


  • The sixth important element is “the plant height”. When the plant exceeds two meters, it is advisable to mount the shear onto a fixed or a telescopic extension pole, available in different lengths for both pneumatic and electric shears.


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All the elements listed above can help your choice when purchasing a cutting tool. On our website and in our dealers’ shops you will find a wide range of pruning shears, equipped with the most innovative features and at competitive prices, which will meet all your needs. Come and see us or visit our website!

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